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VOD Segmentation

Video on Demand segmentation refers to the segments in which video is demanded. The segments refer to various areas like characters,expressions, appearance, location,etc. The information in the video is captured with the help of METADATA COLLECTION.
Covered: Activities, Emotions, Face, Objects, Shoppable Products, locations, blur detection and brands.
Method Used: Vision Models, OCR.

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Video Encoding and Processing

Auto conversion of mp4 file to hls/mp3/dash

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Spotlight Videos

Seamlessly switches between landscape and portrait video orientations depending on how you hold your phone. Auto-conversion of videos from 16:9 to various formats using motion tracking of characters inside the screen.

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Metadata Detection

The detection of the video is done in detail. The tool is used for the detailed study of content present in the video. Whereas BOD segments stand with a very slight difference from the Metadata Detection. The only difference that the BOD segment consists of is that it defines the type of content resented in the video.
Covered: Activities, Emotions, Face, Objects, shoppable products, locations, blur detection, and brands
Method Used: Vision Models, OCR, Audio

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Auto Translation

Speech-to-Text enables developers to convert audio to text by applying powerful neural network models in an easy-to-use API.Apply the most advanced deep-learning neural network algorithms to audio for speech recognition with unparalleled accuracyMulti-language subtitles are perfect for videos which have a multilingual audience

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Auto Highlights

Auto highlights of live events for instant user experience.

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Auto Compliance

Blur detection: Another good application of AI is to detect and blur the sensitive content, to make the videos more user friendly and age appropriate.

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Auto Character Tagging

The amazing feature auto tags the character in every frame as per the identification of the person in the video. The users of such services are found in large numbers because every person wants to watch the scenes as per the filtration set in the mindset.

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