Brightcove: Integration Setup

Step 1 - Log in to the Brightcove

Step 2 - Navigate to API Authentication

Click on the Settings icon and from the drop-down menu that appears select API Authentication.

Note: Only Brightcove account administrators can access the API Authentication section.

Step 3 - Click Register New Application

From the API Authentication page click Register New Application.

Step 4 - Register to retrieve API credentials

Enter a Name and a ShortDescription of your choice in the available fields.

Choose the account for authorization from under Available Accounts and add them to the Selected Accounts column.

Please Note: Only ONE account can be selected per API Manifest.

In the section Exposed Brightcove APIs check the boxes Playlist Read, Playlist Read/Write, Video Read, and Video Read/Write under the CMS column.

Under Dynamic Ingest check the boxes next to Create and Push Files.

Click Save once you have entered the required information and selected the required Brightcove CMS APIs.

See more information on managing your Brightcove API credentials

Step 5 - Copy Client ID and Client Secret

Once Save is clicked the Client Secret and Client ID will be displayed.

Copy the Client Secret and Client ID.

IMPORTANT: Save the Client Secret and Client ID for future reference as these credentials only will display once!!

Step 6 - Note Brightcove Account Number

In Brightcove click Admin and from the drop-down menu select Account Information and note the number listed under Account.

If you are currently logged into Brightcove, click here to navigate to Account Information

Please note that only users with Admin access will be available to navigate to this part of the Brightcove account system.

Step 7 - Log in to Toch

Open a new browser window and log into your Toch account.

Step 8 - Navigate to Linked Accounts

After logging in to Toch, click Linked Accounts located at the top of the page.

Step 9 - Select Brightcove

Click the Brightcove icon from the list of video platforms and lecture capture systems.

Click the Brightcove icon from the list of video platforms and lecture capture systems.

Step 10 - Enter Brightcove CMS credentials

Enter the Client ID, Client Secret, Brightcove Account Number, and Nickname (optional).

Step 11 - Enable Integration Features

Postback Captions

Turn Postback Captions to On to have captions, upon completion of the transcription process, automatically sent to and associated with the Brightcove assets. While translation requests can only be made directly from the user's Toch account, upon completion of the translation process, the subtitles also will automatically postback to Brightcove.

Postback Audio Description

Turn Postback Audio Description to On to have audio descriptions, upon completion of the description process, sent to and associated with the Brightcove assets

Auto Upload

Turn Auto Upload to On to enable the ability to submit caption requests directly from Brightcove.

Once you have entered the required information, click Create Account.

Deliver Captions as Default

Turn on Deliver Captions as Default to set the caption file returned by the automatic postback as the default caption file for the media asset. This setting is useful if you plan on having multiple subtitle translations on the media asset, but may interact with some Brightcove players such that the track selected as 'default' will play automatically upon player load. To disable this, either turn off the Deliver Captions as Default setting or consult the Brightcove documentation here.