Toch Sports Ready

Moments that are extracted from the video of people who are creating informative content.

Sports Analysis

Toch Live Sports Analysis detects Player Performance, Player movement, ball data showing possession, passes, and whether the ball is in or out of play.

Sports Covered: Football, Cricket, F1 Race

Method Used: Vision Models, OCR, Projection denoising

Dynamic AD Placement

Embedded auto Ads placement by detecting live space and performing homo-graphic ad placement. This gives a native experience to the users than a normal overlay Ads.

Sports Covered: Football, Cricket, Hockey, Kabaddi,Rugby, Tennis, F1 Race

Method Used: Vision Models, homo-graphic, Marker Less augmentation approach

Automated Highlights & Key Moments

Video on Demand segmentation refers to the segments in which video is demanded. The segments refer to various areas like characters, expressions, appearance, location, etc. The information in the video is captured with the help of METADATA COLLECTION.

Sports Covered: Activities, Emotions, Face, Objects, shoppable products, locations, blur detection and brands

Method Used: Vision Models, OCR


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    BASIC-Sports Key Moments

    json, 18+ categories ,public url access,webhook integration

  • $ 0.1/min

    ADVANCED -Sports Key Moments

    Basic +cms +Data Storage

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