Not sure what to do with that long-running video footage? Leave it to the pros to condense it into short, crisp video solutions that reel in your audience, literally!

Our AI engine employs OCR, speech detection and vision models that capture, curate and produce the most exciting bite-sized content, so you don’t have to!

Bite-Size Videos

Create highlight videos through a range of key moments that our AI extracts from your video stream. Save hours in editing time and create engaging short videos for your audience.

Upload your content stream

Simply upload your complete video stream to our module and let our AI take over from there.

Pick from a range of key moments

Our AI picks out the key moments that have the potential to drive maximum viewer engagement. Simply pick from these options and we will do the rest.


Insert attractive video overlays and engaging video bumpers to elevate post production quality.

Add bumpers to your Video

Simply add intro and outro to your video stream without the need of additional editing.

Add informative overlays

Add overlays that are informative and engaging. This can include graphics and logos.


Optimize your video to be published on any platform. Resize your screen and keep your key figures in the frame in an instant.

Analyse your Video

Our AI analyses the video and automatically detects the section of interest on the screen.

Publish anywhere

Your video can now be optimized to be published on any screen and any platform. Our AI will automatically detect the object of interest and keep it visible on every screen.