The Future of Server-side Video meta data & Ad Insertion is here

The Future of Server-side Video meta data & Ad Insertion is here


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After streaming millions of hours of videos, we now know what will work for your business.


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From accessories, to merchandise, to locations; our smart technology tags everything. Literally!


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Amplify your reach and increase your views hooking your customers to the awesomeness accessing million of Products Inventory.


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After streaming millions of hours of videos, we now know what will work for your business.

Meta-tagging Video's using AI.

Toch AI perform various task on Cloud Server side using it’s proprietary algorithms. We follow Top to Bottom approach sourcing and training Trillion of Image-data reaching 99% accuracy models to Identify and Perform – Ads Insertion, Highlight Creation, Shoppable Video, Promo Creation, Key Moments, Credit and Category detection. 

  • Activity_Detection
    Activity Detection
  • Ads_inersion
    Ads Inersion
  • category_detecion
    Category Detection
  • Credit_detection
    Credit Detection
  • ic-highlight-creation
    Highlight Creation
  • Key_moments
    Key Moments
  • Promo_creaton
    Promo Creation
  • Shoppable_videos
    Shoppable Videos

Monetize your Video with Toch

We at Toch use machine learning and AI to help media companies completely automate video production platforms to ingest their video with in-video ads, produce any type of clips and highlights, edit, and export to any destination in real time. By optimizing your content creation and distribution workflow during or after the live event, there is no limit to what you can accomplish.

To entertain and inspire people around the globe through Interactive Videos.

To spread the power of unlocking information on the video.

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Customer Success Stories

It is great working with the Toch team as the team is always supporting and focused on creating a world experience for users.

Nikhil Soman
Vice President Product

We are happy working with the Toch team. The tools helps us grow our-self as a brand by automating lot of current manual work processes. The team is also very supportive which has been a key point of our services.

Shailesh Soni
Associate Vice President SonyLIV Technology

We are impressed with the speed and efficiency using Toch platform. The targeting features allowed us to get data insides.

Sonali M.
Media and Tech Head

Toch has helped us monetize our content in new ways.

Sailesh Pati
Product Management, Analytics and Personalisation

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Our Offerings

  • Activity Detection

    This tool specifically or specially detects the activity that is performed physically. The activity Detection tool is mainly used for the videos related to field that is creative or belong to academic. Through this tool toch detects and records activity performed in video.

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  • Face Detection

    Face detection tools is used to detect the real identity of a person who is active in video. Its useful specially in figuring out the various scenes of one person. With the help for this tool Toch detects the personality working in video, their identity and number of scenes they are working in altogether. Face Detection is one of a very useful tool for the collection of information.

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  • Category Detection

    For the better analysis of your content, our team of experts with the help of Artificial Intelligence smartly uses the benefit of tool i.e. Category Detection. With the help of this tool, it’s easy to define the category of that particular content. Also, it helps in identifying the systematic finding of a product which is searched by the watcher.

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  • Shoppable Video

    Shopping becomes easy when technology becomes friendly. To keep you in trend and regular updates toch comes up with this unique tool for you and i.e shoppable video. In this, our experts analyze the shoppable material from the video that is played on the users phone. By understanding the behavior and preferences of the viewer, with the help of Artificial Intelligence respective link is attached and served to the user for further usage. Such an advanced and decorative technique toch offers to users in order to help those viewers who want to purchase the materials which they find in streaming videos.

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  • Ads insertion

    Toch utilizes this beneficial tool to insert ads in the video. This tool is specifically designed by artificial intelligence to occupy the empty voids in the video with the help of any physical object. It’s executed to utilize the best of resources with intelligence.

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  • Credit Detection

    Machine learning of toch smartly works on the credits that have been given in the video. It detects the length of content which is specifically allotted to credits. Furthermore with the help of this option one can decide the proportion of time should be specifically designated to credits. Also, credit detection works on the systematic conversion of data in text format to the user

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  • Promo Creation

    Unless the video is analyzed from the modifications of angles, the analysis is considered incomplete. Keeping this in mind toch excerpts small videos from the full video for further usage in the form of advertisement and promotional practices. The creation of promos by toch works effectively for promoters

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  • Key moment creation

    This tool is specifically used to highlight the captivating moments of videos. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, our team designs and offers such catchy moments from the videos and offers the service to the users who want to get the information that is specific. This tool saves time for the viewer and helps them watch what they truly want. You can find key moments in the dashboard on our websites.

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